#1 Internet Filter for Mobile Devices

SPIN Safe Browser is a fully featured web browser with integrated internet filters that even blocks the grey area of websites that are normally good but are prone to bad content.

Available for Android, iOS and web browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox.

Schools and Businesses

Protect students and employees by reducing the risk of accessing inappropriate online content, lighten workload and minimize online issues. Organizations that use that use AppConfig-compatible mobile device management solutions such as Jamf Pro and Jamf School can fully customize the following features in SPIN Safe Browser:

Edit Content Filters
Set list of blocked websites
Set list of allowed websites
Deploy Bookmarks
Set and enforce Homepage website
Set and enforce New Tab behaviour

Available via the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager as one-time purchase. Schools can take advantage of Apple School Manager’s 50% EDU discount on purchases of 20 or more!

Families and Individuals

Safe browsing is not included on Android and Apple iOS mobile devices – make SPIN Safe Browser your child’s default browser today. SPIN automatically enforces content categories that provide safe browsing, enforces safe searches on Google.com and requires no configuration by the parent/guardian/user.

Want to customize SPIN Safe Browser?
For Kids, get Boomerang Parental Control that also provides screen time controls, app controls, location tracking and smartphone safety. Sign up and try our 14 day trial.

Why SPIN Safe Browser

No filter is perfect. This is why we listen to our users’ feedback and block the grey area of sites that are prone to bad content and unblock sites that are good but are accidentally blocked since some robot was just not that smart!

Report a website.

Content Categories automatically blocked
Prone to Bad Content
(websites that are normally good but may contain sexual or inappropriate content)
Pornography and Adult Content
Unsafe Search Engines
File Sharing / Peer to Peer sites
VPN and Proxy sites


No Sign Up Required

Download and start browsing safely with our web filter.

Nothing to configure

Our web content filtering and Safe Search just works.

Filters anywhere

Home, school, Starbucks, grandparents’ internet? Same web filtering.

Safe Browsing Tips

Check out a few tips on how to make your SPIN Safe Browser experience better.

How to make SPIN Safe Browser your default Android browser
How to make SPIN Safe Browser your default iOS browser

Available on the following platforms

SPIN Safe Browser works on Android, iOS and as a web browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox. Schools and Businesses looking to customize SPIN on their iOS devices must use our AppConfig-compatible version available on the App Store.