About our Team

Our team brings over 20 years of experience in selling and supporting education organizations. We have extensive experience in working with IT departments and classroom technology needs. Our adventure into building consumer products, Boomerang Parental Control and SPIN Safe Browser, have come full circle in now focusing on our safe web browsing filtering technology with SPIN Safe Browser + AppConfig for iOS devices. This is a special version of our safe browser, designed to be deployed and configured by popular mobile device management platforms that support the AppConfig Community, such as Jamf.

Dad, Cyber Safety Influencer, Product Evangelist, Avid Cyclist, Hobbyist Musician

Justin Payeur


Passionate about Kids, Technology & Education

Vik Khanna


After more than a decade in K12 enterprise sales leadership, Justin cofounded National Education Technologies with a passion of helping parents teach their kids a balanced and safe approach to using mobile technology. Battling the constant love / hate relationship with technology, Justin is a dad of two teens and leads product vision for digital wellbeing mobile apps Boomerang Parental Control and SPIN Safe Browser.


“Luck is the offspring of preparation meeting opportunity.” This has been the mantra of my life and professional career. I have had the good fortune of never having to create or maintain a resume. Opportunities have presented themselves to me at the right times in my life, and I have been properly prepared to seize them.